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Walking Robots Bootcamp

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For ages 11 & up

Get your hands dirty as you bring a bio-inspired robot to life!

Assemble, wire, test and taste the real and raw experience of building your own complex machine. Study animal movement and translate its mechanics to code to teach your robot to walk.

Get to tinker with Qubo, a hexapod walking robot kit designed by Whyte Labs, during the program!

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Learn ​Through Exploration and Activate Your Curiosity

Because we believe that the best learning happens when students actively engage, get curious and are encouraged to explore. The journey is more important than the outcome.

A 100% Hands-On Experience

Learn from instructors who have been there and done that - Whyte Labs' co-founders and leading robotic researchers, Aditya and Jeremy will guide you through what it takes to program a complex robot and get it walking.


Whyte Labs doesn't spoon-feed solutions. Process over outcome - that is the true and lasting value of learning.

This course isn't just about learning robotics. Lots of valuable lessons to draw from, including witnessing how adults encounter and overcome challenges. Our kids need to grow up being comfortable with making mistakes, failing, picking themselves up and not giving up. 💪

Carol (parent)

Program Outline

Day 1

Intro to Biorobotics

by Aditya and Jeremy

Animal anatomy and robot design

Draw inspiration from nature

Build and wire

Assemble your walking robot together from scratch

Day 2

Cats, Horses, Spiders, Dogs - So many pairs of legs!

Understand the kinematics of walking, running and how different animals balance

Bring Your Robot to Life

Develop walking algorithms and program your robot to walk using Arduino/C++

Push Your Boundaries

Keen to experiment more? Try complex manoeuvres!

*1-hour lunch break included

  • Observe animals and translate nature's design into a bio-inspired robot

  • Learn about the various electronic components and system architecture that links them together to form an advance robotic system

  • Hardware is rarely perfect. Learn to troubleshoot and debug wiring and mechanical assemblies

  • Apply the basics of syntax-based coding in C++/Arduino

  • Study real animals to understand the physics of walking and balancing

  • Apply that understanding to program a robot to balance and walk

  • Go the extra mile - experiment to see how you can get your robot walking (or running) the fastest!

What you'll learn in this 12-hour bootcamp

The syllabus is designed such that anyone with little knowledge of robotics will understand

Aditya and Jeremy were very patient and knowledgable in their area. Thank you for these past 3 days. It has been very eventful and I really learned a lot. I had a lot of fun building my hexapod robot.


Alvina Lim (adult student)

I truly appreciate the connection the instructors built with the children, to help the more introverted ones feel comfortable to ask questions

It's the little things that count towards creating the right environment for the children to feel safe, heard, empowered and energised. Thank you Whyte Labs!


Dorothea Chow (Parent)

Walking Robots Bootcamp

SGD 580 

Keen to go deeper and learn to design your own robots?

Enjoyed the Bootcamp and bubbling with new ideas? Check out our weekly, Advanced Robotics classes, where you can build a solid foundation in DIY Robotics

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