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Prototyping Smart Devices (Beginners)

Empowering the next generation of inventors. Pre-requisite: Building Smart Assistive Devices

  • Goldhill Shopping Centre (Novena)

About this workshop

Completing our introductory Building Smart Assistive Devices workshop and keen to continue tinkering? Come join our weekly program Prototyping Smart Devices! Dive into greater depth and build confidence working with Arduino, coding and prototyping. Every month, your child will learn how to prototype a smart device, using different sensors, components etc. They will work towards designing and building their own Smart Home system, from scratch. Through this, they will be more confident when they move on to more advanced systems, like the Walking Robot platform. Our hands-on approach provides students with the practical experience and knowledge to be real world problem solvers, regardless of their prior experience. The program is designed to be fun, innovative and encourages students to explore their own ideas, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. Additionally, our class also focuses on fostering empathy and compassion as they attempt to solve real-world problems. Sessions are once a week and 2.5hrs each. NEW BATCHES STARTING JULY 2023! Email or WhatsApp us to sign-up.

Questions? We're just a call or email away

  • 9163 3471

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