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An Introduction to Arduino

About the course

Join us and learn the basics of Arduino, the brain of the robot and one of the World’s most versatile prototyping platforms. All through simple block-based programming. 

Challenge yourself by combining your favorite sensors and other components to prototype an Arduino-based home-automation system. 

Learning Objectives

Understanding the fundamental elements of a circuit 

Understand how to wire and program basic electronics and sensors

Understand simple programming concepts

Learn to troubleshoot and debug program

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Why Arduino?

Arduino has wide real-world applications, supported by a global community of makers - students, hobbyists, artists, programmers and professionals, with over 30 million active users!

Arduino software is easy-to-use for beginners and a great platform to start with programming and robotics. Arduino is also being used by polytechnics and renown universities. 

Programme Details

Aditya and Jeremy will share some of their work using Arduino and give some demonstrations. 


Learn the basic elements of circuitry, electronics and sensors.


Hands-on wiring and programming of electronics to do functional tasks. 


Apply knowledge through a set of challenges.  


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Ted cute 2.jpg
More Details ...

Beginner friendly. No prior experience required. 

Get a custom certificate

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a custom certificate from Whyte Labs, endorsed by Aditya and Jeremy. 

Get a free Arduino Explorer Kit

Take home your own Arduino Explorer kit, and continue to experiment with or build even cooler projects!

What to bring


Laptop charger


SUTD @ D'Star

Slot#1 22 May 2021

Slot#2 29 May 2021

Slot#3 5 Jun 2021

Slot#4 17 Jul 2021

Timings: 1000 - 1300


Slot#1 22 May 2021

Slot#2 29 May 2021

Slot#3 5 Jun 2021

Slot#4 13 Jun 2021

Slot#5 27 Jun 2021

Timings: 1000 - 1300

Frequently asked questions

Do participants work independently or in teams?

Each student will work independently on their own Arduino kits (provided by Whyte Labs). This is to ensure that each student can develop a foundation and confidence in using the platform.

Is this programme suitable for my kid?

If your child is aged 10 or above, and is curious to learn robotics, then they are more than welcome to join. No prior experience with electronics is needed to join this programme.

Is this programme open to adults?

Yes! While this programme is largely focused on younger people, adults (especially parents!) are welcome to join as well. Do reach out to us if you’re unsure and we can have a chat.

What do students need to bring to class?

Laptop, Laptop Charger and Mouse.

I am interested but am unavailable for the sessions listed. How can I stay in touch to get updated on future courses?

Drop us a note at, and we’ll keep you posted!

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Strictly no cancellation or refunds allowed. You will only receive a refund if the course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and you will be notified way ahead of time.

How do we contact you?

Please feel free to contact Aditya from Whyte Labs at: Phone/WhatsApp: (65) 91633471 Email:

What are the pre-requisites to attend your class?

No prior experience with programming or electronics is required.

What age group is this programme for?

This bootcamp is ideally suited for participants aged 10 years old and above. This includes parents! Still unsure? Drop us a note ( and we will follow up with you.