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Weekly Classes (Beginner / Advanced)
Robotics for Beginners

Pre-requisite: Building Smart Assistive Devices

Completed our introductory Building Smart Assistive Devices workshop and keen to continue tinkering?

Dive into greater depth and build confidence working with Arduino, coding and prototyping. In this course, your child will learn new sensors, components and apply them to designing and building their very own Smart Home system, from scratch.

Our hands-on approach provides students with the practical experience and knowledge to be real world problem solvers, regardless of their prior experience. The program is designed to be fun, innovative and encourages students to explore their own ideas, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

Email or WhatsApp us to join our weekly program! 
Sessions are once a week and 2.5hrs each. 

Robotics In-depth

Pre-requisite: Walking Robots Bootcamp

Bring your robotics journey to the next level...

Just graduated from Walking Robots Bootcamp and wondering what else you can do next?

Join us for weekly advanced classes as we explore sophisticated motion control, trigonometry, make your robot more intelligent by integrating new sensors, and more! ​ At the end of the term, gear up for a robotics earthquake rescue mission in a friendly competition with your peers.

Beyond that learn to use computer-aided design software to create and 3D print your own robot parts! Modify your Walking Robot, or design your own creature - six-legged, four-legged, hybrid with wheels - the sky is the limit!
We will guide you through the process of designing, developing and programming your very own signature robot.

Email or WhatsApp us to join our weekly program

Sessions are once a week and 2.5hrs each.

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