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JustCo at The CentrePoint (Somerset MRT)

Arduino Launchpad

For ages 11 & up

Slot 1:

Tue, 20 Dec

10am - 5pm

Slot 2:

Sat, 7 Jan

10am - 5pm

Take the first step towards building your own bio-inspired robots.

Learn to build the brains of a robot on Arduino, the World’s most versatile prototyping platform.

Plus, get a free Arduino Explorer Kit worth $40

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That's not all! Discover what more you can do with Arduino

Get a sneak peak at Qubo, a hexapod walking robot specially designed by Whyte Labs for our Walking Robots Bootcamp. Your journey into the fascinating world of bio-robotics has just begun.

Create your own simple Arduino based home-automation system


What task or chore at home do you wish you could replace with a robot? Combine sensors and other components to bring your ideas to life through simple block-based programming!


What you'll learn in this 6-hour workshop

In this highly interactive workshop, learn the basics of electronics and coding and bring your own ideas to life to solve a real-world problem.

Introduction to Arduino

  • Intro to the world of open-source hardware and robotics

  • Learn the fundamentals of hardware electrical circuits and how to wire and program basic electronics and sensors.

  • Basic coding concepts and how to troubleshoot and debug your code

  • Prototype a simple Arduino-based home automation system

Prototype your own Smart Assistive Device

  • Understand the challenges faced by the blind, through hands-on activities and discussions

  • Brainstorm and come up with your own solutions and conceptualise your device

  • Prototype! Apply what you learned to build your own Smart Assistive Device, using upcycled materials

  • Test and improve on your prototype

  • Debrief and reflect on your learnings!


Take home and continue testing and improving on your prototype!

The challenges Whyte Labs set gave my son a great sense of achievement when he completed them.

My son really enjoyed the Intro to Arduino workshop! He couldn't stop talking about it on our way home after the workshop and was proud to show his grandpa what he achieved. Now that his exams are over, he is reminding me to sign him up for the Bootcamp! 


Wei Hong (Parent)

This class is a cut above others. Excellent teachers with impeccable credentials.

It has been a wonderful experience not only for my boy but also for myself. The lesson was easy to follow and Aditya and Jeremy brought so much depth and hands-on experience to the class. They were incredibly patient with the little ones and made the experience very enriching and enjoyable. 


Kelly Tang (Parent)

Turning Ideas into Reality

Already an Arduino wiz? Take the next step to becoming a confident tinkerer!

Join our weekly Prototyping Smart Devices program to build up your skills and confidence in bringing your very own ideas to life!

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